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Texas NGV Alliance

Board & Committees
The Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance board consists of industry experts ranging from equipment suppliers, utility providers, CNG and LNG suppliers, and public and private fleets.

Board & Committees

The Alliance will support and represent the members to achieve the objective of expanding the natural gas vehicle and infrastructure market.  Financial contributions to the Alliance will help support the Alliance’s objectives, activities, and initiatives.  The Board of Directors will lead and collaborate with each committee chairperson and members to accomplish committee’s initiatives. Alliance meetings will be hosted at member companies’ offices.



Susan Shifflett,   S3 Services, LLC

Vice-President Bob Baldwin - CNG for America
Secretary Eddie Murray - Freedom CNG
Treasurer T.J. Noland, Centerpoint Energy
Board Member

Laura Irvine - CenterPoint Energy

Board Member

Mari Ellen Borowski - Central Freight

Board Member

Gaye Shockley - City of Lake Jackson

Board Member

Israel Salinas - City of Corpus Christi Gas

Board Member Rocky Chavez- OneOK
Bioard Member

Anelisse Chanakos - Applied LNG

Government Relations Committee

Stuart Mayper- CNG-4-America

Communications Committee

Karim Bousfiha

Technical Advisory Committee Dennis Foose- Nat-G Solutions



Government Relations: Stuart Mayper

Purpose:  Raise awareness of natural gas vehicles to policy makers and collaborating with members to support state legislation in future sessions that promote the industry and the infrastructure needed to support commercial viability in Texas.

Communications: Karim Bousfiha

Purpose:  Promote the use and benefits of natural gas vehicles to public and private fleets in the Houston Metro Area. Organize public/private meetings to educate and promote fleet conversions and refueling stations and construction.

Technical Advisory Board – Dennis Foose

Purpose: To identify consortium members as well as non members who can provide technical advice to the consortium with regard to all aspects of the NGV industry.  Identify and communicate information on technologies and/or changes in the CNG/NGV industry, or governmental regulations that might affect the Consortium and its members.  Develop a database to define potential fleet opportunities and identify suitable new refueling station sites

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