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SUMMIT: Natural Gas for High Horsepower

SUMMIT: Natural Gas for High Horsepower


Since its inception, the HHP Summit has served as the official meeting place of high horsepower industry stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges offered by natural gas in high-fuel use operations. Working together with our event stakeholders, the Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) team creates the HHP Summit program, drawing upon insight gathered from more than 20 years of clean transportation and energy consulting experience. We’ve worked side by side with high horsepower and natural gas innovators to pioneer North America’s largest and most forward-thinking clean fuel projects.

The past few years have shown us that this is an idea whose time has certainly come—discussions are no longer conceptual, and what was once theory is now becoming practice. Early adopters of natural gas technologies are realizing the tremendous synergies that exist across the marine, rail, mining, drilling, pressure pumping, and stationary power generation sectors. By collaborating to drive infrastructure development, technology and engine advancements, and the creation of up-to-date regulations and policies, all high horsepower sectors stand to benefit economically.

We invite you to join us in Dallas, October 27-29, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to:

Download the 2014 Event Summary to learn more about the exciting events that take place at HHP Summit.

Interested in viewing the presentations and photos from a past HHP Summit? Visit GNA’s website, the producers of ACT Expo, for access to all of our events—past and future!



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